The gallery above is a collection of photographs taken throughout the seasons at Broome Hill Farm.

The cottage is a great place to stay during all the seasons, come spring, summer, autumn or winter.

In Spring, the farm is extremely busy with lambing and the sowing of corn, after a long winter housed inside the cows and their young calves are free to roam the luscious green fields, leaves of many different shades of green are appearing on trees and hedges and the countryside is coming alive with young life and wild flowers.

In Summer, the temperature rises and we look forward to long sunny days when the choice is yours, walk on the beach with a gentle breeze in your face or stroll in the countryside and enjoy breathtaking magnificent scenery.

Autumn, the 'season of mist and mellow fruitfulness' is truly the most picturesque with the changing of the leaves from green to various shades of gold, the purple blanket of heather on the hills and the waving heads of golden corn waiting to be harvested, gorgeous autumnal days, complete heaven!

Then we come to Winter, frosty mornings, beautiful blue skies and clear views of Cheviot, not to mention the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets which will remain with you as a long lasting memory of your stay at Broome Hill Farm!